The latest ratings show that Dennis & Callahan are facing their biggest challenge yet in the ratings from 98.5 FM’s Toucher and Rich.

What show are you listening to for sports talk in the AM?


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  1. Toucher & Rich didn't sound much like a sports show the few times I listened to it when they first came on. Are they really competitors? It's kind of like comparing D&C to Imus, when Imus was in his prime. Unless T&R has changed, I don't see the comparison. I know everyone is going after the 25-54 demographic, but there the comkparison ends, at least for me.

  2. I really started listening to T&R during the Bruins run and I became addicted. I was never a big fan while they were at BCN but it is clear they have done their best to learn everything they can about the Boston sports scene. Having John Wallach has certainly helped and I find him less annoying than he was when with WEEI. I think Zo and Gresh are horrible and I can stomach Felger and Mazz on occasion. That said the battle of wits between DA and Planet Mikey isn't even close. DA is far more knowledgeable while Mike Adams is nothing more than a clown with his nose up the Big O's arse. I think EEI has a serious issue on its hands beyond just a weaker signal. I also like Uncle Teddie on weekends. Consider me a convert.

  3. You can certainly tell the difference between a radio show that does some prep and two guys who mail it in. Toucher and Rich are far more entertaining and I would say know as much about sports as Dennis and Callahan. What makes them experts? T&R also rag on Wallach, which is hysterical.

  4. Depends on the sport most likely on the table that morning.

    Baseball, football and basketball: Dennis & Callahan

    Hockey: Toucher & Rich

  5. Listening to Damon Amendolara sub in for T&R, alongside John Wallach, this week makes me realize just how weak T&R are — the two of them have provided insight and intelligent discussion about a variety of topics so far and I look forward to listening to them for the next few days. Once T&R return, it's going to be 1) Toucher gets riled up about something, 2) Rich adds his two cents which are worth about a half cent, 3) Wallach tries to be funny so he can keep up with T&R, 4) gang up on Wallach — repeat every 20 minutes or so.

    I hate to say it, but T&R need to go back to playing music on some other station where they can be 'just a couple of the guys', and leave the sports talk to those who have experience and are knowledgeable.

    1. And my rejoinder would be that the guys who do have "experience" are the same people who suddenly show up with ideological axes to grind. I don't care about experience. I want to be entertained. The whole concept of who you enjoy more is entirely subjective. I find D and C as unlistenable as you find T and R.

    2. One thing I think is that T&R are professional djs, not just two columnists talking. This means they actually plan their segments. If they put on something that doesn't interest me, I can come back in 20 minutes and they've moved onto something else. With D&C you get 4 straight hours of some inane topic du jour, like Michael Jackson.

  6. I just keep flipping between D & C and T & R and BUR when I'm fed up with both. Callahan's right-wing politics get me to T & R, but D & C's interviews pull me back — they are usually pretty good. T & R's interviews are usually good but some of their silliness is unlistenable. Actually, I preferred Mike and Mike when they were available on my radio.

    1. Agreed, losing Mike & Mike stunk. While they're definitely safe and vanilla, that wasn't always such a bad thing to get a break from D&C. T&R are brutal, just too must FM jock grab-ass for me.

  7. Still wondering why St. Gerry didn’t challenge Jackie this morning on how much she “admires” Kobe.

    What can you say about Dino that hasn’t already been said? Uninformed, devoid of any sports knowledge that doesn’t involve hime putting his head up somebody from titleist’s keister in an attempt to get free golf balls.

    Meterperrel makes me loathe and root against all things BC. I want betting scandals, recruiting scandals, dogs and cats living together.

    But than again over on the other station felger’s playing the contrarian card, mazz agrees with him, andy gresh makes jokes about vagina sandwiches on toast and scott zolak gets distracted buy something shiny.

    And than we all sold some dragon naturally speaking software.

  8. Wow, they really are "old farts" and "dumb ass" radio. Their audience isn't on line to vote for them in the survey.

  9. I listen to D and C and most of WEEI, because they are concerned about Doc Rivers and his family time these days.

  10. to tell ya the truth I'm listening to more and more MUSIC radio……I think I burned myself out on Sports talk radio. I guess I'm a little slow but after years of listening to sports radio, one day it just dawned on me, " GOD, WHAT A LOAD OF USELESS BULLSHIT THIS IS!"…….I still love sports , I've just had enough of listening to people TALK about sports (especially when 99% of the hosts spend most of the show acting like wise asses)………I'll still tune in to sports radio if there is an interview i want to hear but just hosts & callers?…….NO-THANK-YOU

  11. Bruce, I think you should have included "None of the Above". All three of the shows mentioned are pretty dreadful. If I had a gun pointed to my head I would pick "Mike and Mike". They are only dreadfully boring. Maybe I would pick the bullet.

    D&C are simply two guys who are slimy smart-asses who come across as miserable human beings. I remember when Bruce talked about the not so subtle racism from Callahan a few days ago. Callahan is already a member of the BSM Moron hall of fame. There is no need to go any further. Let's not forget his partner, who was front and center in the Metco bus issue. Another thing about Dennis, listen to how he bashes Pedro Martinez. He is way over the top. It is like he forgot how good he was. He talked about what a diva he was and ridiculed his injuries. A player like Trot Nixon who was hurt constantly made a few mental errors though was a dirt dog and someone who hustles. I had no problem with Nixon but why hammer Martinez who also had injuries. Maybe there are other not so subtle issues Dennis has with Pedro? Finally this may be over the line but I have to say it. Every year WEEI has their annual Jimmy Fund Radiothon. A great tradition by Entercom. If you were not completely aware of Dana Farber but you knew what ugly people D&C are on the radio, would you consider giving to the Jimmy Fund? Just asking.

    I am actually glad that T&R are beating D&C but as I have said before the only reason is that they are the lesser of two evils. T&R have no sports knowledge at all. They say things that make me shake my head in disbelief. John Wallach is actually the best person on the show. He is the only one that has a clue on sports. T&R are unfunny wacky FM D-Jays. They only suck less than D&C which is definitely nothing to write home about. In fact, I hope people have had a chance to listen to D.A. who has been filling in for T&R. That is how sports radio ought to be.

    Finally one issue that has to be plaguing WEEI is the horrible signal in the Southern New Hampshire I-93 corridor. The signal was dreadful today. I tried listening to D&H but could only get the signal for a few seconds at a time. So I was "lucky" enough to listen to Gresh, Zo and Shaughnessy. The topic was how Jacoby Ellsbury was jaking it and the fans and management are going to run him out of town. Shaughnessy also said something that was already changed a month ago. He said that Ellsbury is still mad at being in left field. Ahhh, Dan that was changed a month ago when Francona said Ellsbury is now the full-time CF when he is healthy. There is nothing better than when media knows everything about an injury. I never knew they all had medical degrees. G&Z&Dan five minutes of my life I will never get back.

  12. I would listen to Mike and Mike — the only one of the three that talks sports the whole show, even if it is national sports as compared to local sports.

  13. Out in Springfield all we get is is EEI. I would love the option of 98.5. EEI killed it for me when they took over Scott Brown's campaign.

  14. I can't wake up to screaming angry radio. I'd think the area would be better off if people listened to something soothing and peaceful instead. I once tried the D&C but that lasted two days – I'm angry enough having to get out of bed. I'd give T&R the nod but goofy radio doesn't do it either but at least they come across as being pleasant people. I'm with AOB and mandb97: None of the Above.

    1. I'd suggest you listen to NPR. But it's pledge week. It's always pledge week. You could walk away with a warehouse of tote bags and Garrison Keillor CD's…

      1. I do. But that's the thing – even when they're asking for money it's still soothing calm talk. If D&C say anything nice or mention a good cause they still sound angry – kind of like listening to Germans talk romantically.

  15. I've been a T&R guy for years, and I've continued to be a fan since they made the switch. They might not be the most knowledgeable sports guys, but you know what, there are a million places on the Internet I can get my sports news from. They keep me entertained every morning, they're funny and they actually work hard at their craft to keep coming up with fresh ideas.

  16. I stopped listening to D&C a long time ago and had given up sports radio altogether (NPR or CDs in the car). Not sure if it's my timing but to me it seems that lately D&C do actually talk more sports than before T&R came along. I appreciate that so do at least try to listen to D&C more often than I was foa long time.

  17. Actually, I vote for "None of the above". D&C are cretins and now reaping what they have sowed all of these years. Listening to T&R is like listening to squealing teenage girls laugh at their sophomoric boyfriends juvenile jokes. M&M has jusy gotten WAY too old. I don't get sirius. However, I do get internet radio and I listen to Boomer & Carton on WFAN out of New York. Would I prefer a station oriented to Boston sports in the that time slot? Of course. Does Carton get just a little bit too much like a stereotypical New Yorker on occasion? Sure. But Boomer Esiason is hands down the most intelligent, insightful, articulate, funny and down to earth sports radio guy that I have ever heard. Give it a try folks!

  18. E. None of the above. I do music in the morning from my iPod and then around 10 I'll tune into D&H.

  19. Last August, I made a clean break from Sports Talk radio, after being an 'EEI addict for well over a decade. I always found D&C to be a pretty good show when talking sports and interviewing coaches, athletes, writers, etc. But their non-sports talk got to me and I finally had enough. The Big Show was just annoying in general – too many annoying co-hosts, too much annoying shouting, too much annoying politics.

    I took time off from all sports radio, then tuned-in to 98.5 around the start of the year. T & R have me hooked now. They don't proclaim to be sports experts, but since they are at a sports station that broadcasts 2 of the 4 local teams, they certainly have to talk a lot of sports. I don't find them to be annoying at all, and their non-sports bits are usually funny and sometimes hilarious ("Ask A Pink Hat" is genius).

    Never listened much to Tanguay & Zolak, and certainly don't listen to Gresh, as he's the most annoying person I've ever heard on radio. But Felger & Mazz are good enough for a dose of intelligent, non-shouting sports talk (the anti-Big-Show).

    Other than listening to the Sox, I've been 'EEI-free for about 11 months now. The sun will come up. The sun will go down. And I will have lunch.

  20. All Boston sports radio is completely unlistenable – half are the idiot hosts and the other half are the stupider callers …

  21. Siince I have satelite radio, I listen to MSNBC for the most part and flip to D&C during commercials. Jerry is mostly a bore. Everything is someone elses fault. John Dennis is pompous. I guess at one time they were good, not anymore. Offensive-yes, worth the time-NO!

  22. D&C and T&R both offer about 50% sports talk. It's the other 50% you have to worry about. You can choose to hear liberal-bashing, right-wing spewing hatred, or some dumb college humor. I'll go with college humor every time. Hopefully as T&R get more established in the Boston sports scene, they'll get higher quality interviews besides Bruins players.
    I really enjoy the fact that T&R focus purely on sports during the "Headlines (It's Obama's fault)" hour on WEEI.

    1. they do have John Lester and Brian Scalabrine. The interview with Scal after Game Seven was epic.

  23. Toucher and Rich are aweful. they still sound like a couple of college kids doing a college radio show. too many not funny, stupid jokes. too much screwing around. too much inane, useless, going nowhere conversations. D & C can be argumentative, (and by the way, they argue and scream way less than what people think…if you listen regularly, it's every now and then, but not all the time), but at least D & C seriously talk sports and mix in a some current events when those current event topics are caller driven and generating more buzz than the local sports scene.

  24. " D & C seriously talk sports "???……….you mean when they whine and cry like little girls about the late start times of NBA games?….or when they MOCK just about anything and everything?……..just when do they "SERIOUSLY talk sports"??……..I don't know what show you are listening to but these guys don't talk "seriously" about anything…….(other than Callahan's deranged right wing views)

  25. Come on Angry Old Bastard….you're really trying to tell me they 'never' talk about sports? I understand you think Dennis is a pompous golf snob, and you don't like Gerry's right wing politics and his elitist attitude…and their whining about the late starting times of games…but seriously. they have solid interviews and for the most part, talk sports. Far more than T & R. It sounds like you just don't like D & C for some reason and cannot be convinced otherwise.

    1. 'It sounds like you just don't like D & C for some reason and cannot be convinced otherwise"…………you might have a point there……..they have some good interview guests, I'll give you that…….but other than that, yes I can't stand them……to each his own

      1. Angry Old Bastard is who Rick Pitino was talking about years ago. “The fellowship of the miserable”.

      2. well, I do love sports so it's hard to totally ignore sports radio……that being said, I just about wear out the volume button on my radio from turning it off and on…..but you are correct again, I do hate most of the shows,hosts and callers……..bottomline: it's all a big act. the opinions of the hosts are really not their 'opinions" at all. They say things to get a rise out of their audience and get people to call in……it's a tried and true formula, but doesn't change the fact that 99% of what comes out of their mouths is complete bullcrap

  26. I agree with someone above that the sports talk is about the same. It's the other stuff, and I like T&R much better than the mostly politics of D&C. And Wallach so much better than Meter as well. He actually knows sports not just contrarian, knee-jerk opinions.

    D&C still get good interviews – Remy and especially Boomer on Mondays. But I love Scal with T&R as well. I'd rather take stupid, low level humour than grumpy-old-men politics. I don't listen to sports radio for politics – that's what Sunday morning TV is for!

  27. Here is one last tangental thought. While DA is covering the morning show for T&R, I get to listen to more of Adam Jones in the evening. I have heard him cover other shifts before and in a word, he is terrific.

    1. totally agree….adam jones is definitely good. chris mannix on weei the past few days has been solid too…

  28. On my morning drive and at my office I switch between D&C and T&R on my iphone. Sometimes I’ll listen to B&C on 660FAN in NY to keep tabs on the enemy. I cannot listen to Mike and Mike (and most ESPN personalities) without grinding my teeth. Those two are intolerable. Golic is the worse of the two, but Greenburg is closing fast.

  29. I'll only listen to D&C do interviews during football season. I always enjoy Boomer and the Pats players they get on. But that's where it ends. My car's dirty enough as-is, there's no room for Gerry's constant hate-filled right-wing diarreah.

  30. Did it ever occur to anyone that the problem with the Putt Putt twins might not be their right wing diatribes, Jerry’s forehead or John’s tortured prose? The problem just might be that we don’t agree with their sports takes? That’s why I stopped listening…

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