So this is interesting…

Yesterday’s press release, which announced the signing of extensions for both Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday programming and for Westwood One programming has been corrected with the following information from the WEEI PR company:

WEEI is in its SECOND year of the contract with the New England Patriots for Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday programming.

So the extension on that particular set of programs was signed LAST YEAR, not this week. It appears that WEEI did just sign a two year extension on the Westwood One programming.

It is not known how long the Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday agreement with WEEI is for.


5 thoughts on “Patriots Monday/Friday Correction From WEEI

  1. Do you know how much CBS pays in rights fees for the Patriots? They certainly need to get more bang for the buck. That would be more Patriots-only shows. Like a daily Patriots show at night during the season and thru the draft. And a Monday/Friday package would certainly be another sweetener for CBS to possibly extend their current deal.


  2. Hey Bruce,

    Is Tom Brady exclusive to EEI as part of the Patriots Monday package? The reason I’m asking is because on Toucher and Rich yesterday a caller made a joke about having Brady on the show and Fred said “That would be very nice if we had Tom Brady on the show. That would be verrrrrry nice. We would enjoy that. A great way to kick things off. Indeed” in sort of a knowing voice before quickly changing the subject.


    1. It sounds like the weekly Brady interview is exclusive to EEI, Brian. Here’s what Bill Doyle of the Worcester Telegram wrote in his TV column today:

      “WEEI this week extended its contracts for Patriots Monday and Friday including interviews with Pats coach Bill Belichick, QB Tom Brady and other players.”


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