I’m loathe to even link this, but Tony Massarotti has proven once again, that yes, he does hate you.

  • You “cheer for laundry above all else. “
  • You have a “tendency and willingness to look away when something like this happens” – referring to Manny Ramirez’s suspension, of course.
  • You won’t examine “whether the Red Sox cheated their way to a world title” because it is “far too messy a task.”

Yes, Massarotti asserts, Manny Ramirez was “almost certainly” using PEDs during his stay in Boston too, but the fans won’t acknowledge that.

I’ll just ask one question. Where was the intrepid Tony Massarotti when this was all going down right on his own beat? He chides the Boston fans for believing their own players were clean, yet he never reported otherwise. Massarotti was on the Red Sox beat during the height of the steroid era. All this was supposedly happening right under his nose. We never heard him say a word about it.

But it is the fans who are blind.

Do we really think Massarotti would’ve ratted out anyone in the Red Sox clubhouse had he known about it? As the wise man Butch Stearns once said, I’m not so sure about that.

And as far as the Red Sox “cheating their way to a world title,” apparently he hasn’t read the work of his Boston.com colleague Chad Finn, who stated last Friday that It is ludicrous to suggest that yesterday’s sad revelation has any bearing whatsoever on the Red Sox’ world championships in 2004 and 2007.

Finn, unlike Massarotti, does a little homework, and notes that every single World Series champion between 1995 and 2004 had, at the very least, one player who has since been associated with steroids or other PEDs.

If people want to bring the Red Sox down, than all those other teams are coming down, too.

17 thoughts on “Tony Massarotti Shows That He Hates The Fans Again

  1. just another case of Massarotti (like Shaughnessy) saying to himself, “gee…Boston sports fans seem to be having too much fun lately, let me try to rain on their parade”………I won’t read it you told me all I needed to know about it, Bruce


  2. Elitist media. Dying media. When you see thoughful, insightful contributors like Posnanski, Olney, Verducci et al you come to see that Mazz and his kind are a sad, sad lot.


  3. Massarotti is the biggest two-faced fraud in the Boston media. He regularly stabs his own peers in the back. When he was a beat writer at the Herald, he used to suck up to players while painting a dark picture of other writers, especially those who worked at the Globe. That’s how he got the players to like him. He’s a piece of…


  4. Hopefully the little fraud will soon find himself unemployed anyway when the rag he writes for finally dissolves.


  5. Old news. This guy is the lowest of the low, resorting to making his blog look like a Facebook profile in order to get views. He’s dying a slow, professional death; one which will culminate in Ortiz being revealed to have done steroids, calling into question the book he “wrote” with Ortiz.


  6. I posted a comment on the Globe web site when this story first broke. Yes, Manny may have done steroids while he was here, but there is also circumstantial evidence he didn’t. We don’t know, so why Mazz’s conjecture more valid than ours. Chad Finn notes the previous drop off of Manny’s numbers that one would expect as a player gets older. There was a photo in the SI commemorative issue from 2004 that showed a nearly naked Manny in the clubhouse. He was not ‘ripped’, he had love handles and was a little doughy looking. Now, I am not claiming that as evidence of not doing steroids then, but it is what I thought of when I first saw the photo. Many local journalists state that we can’t make conjecture about who did and didn’t do them unless we have proof, but they feel they they are justified in doing so. All the journalist who say we all looked the other way should start looking at HGH use as I think that has taken over from steroids and they can’t test for it yet. But I doubt they will do that.


  7. I would have read Mazz’s piece, but I was too busy getting my Tedy Bruschi “fanboy” jersey out of the laundry 🙂


  8. “Still, in Boston, there is a tendency and willingness to look away when something like this happens, if only because it’s easier to move on than to sort it all out.”

    Times have changed, that statement is flat out wrong when it comes to the Red Sox. Has been since the Mitchell Report. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear someone around here (usually a caller on WEEI) talk about steroids/HGH and reference Trot Nixon, Varitek, Ortiz, Pedro, Papelbon, Bellhorn and a few others – lately Damon has been getting picked on, even though statistically there is no case.


    1. sort what out???….you can look into it all you want?….will we ever know 100% absolutley postively that Manny was using roids with the Sox?…answer: no….so all the debate about it gets you nowhere anyway…..it just gives these hacks more columns to churn out


  9. In a just world, Massarotti will be the first cut when the NYT turk comes around to tap people on the shoulder.


    1. Thank you for pointing that out.

      It’s sooooooo old at this point.

      I never fully agreed with the premise anyway. When these guys come to play in your city, they become part of the city, in a way, for however long they play there (unless they’ve really got a problem with the city and its fans, like the departed #24 for the Red Sox apparently did).

      Some guys play in a city, like it a lot, and maintain a residence there even after they stop playing for the local team.

      Is it like the old Brooklyn Dodgers, who used to live “in the neighborhood” with all of their fans and go to the same delis and dry cleaners? Well, no, it’s not like that anymore. But it’s still more than just “rooting for the laundry” as far as I’m concerned, and it always has been.


  10. If Ortiz fails a drug test, do you think Mazz will return all those royalty checks from the book they “co-wrote?”


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