Ray Allen scored a season high 36 points and Rajon Rondo dished out 11 assists as the Celtics stopped their losing streak with a 94-88 win over the Raptors in Toronto.

Marc J. Spears notes that Allen wasn’t able to get his usual pregame shooting routine in because of the early start to the game. Steve Bulpett has the Raptors making a late run, but the Celtics managing to close things out with a win. Paul Flannery has the Celtics finally able to make a statement with the win. He also has 10 observations on the game.

Bulpett looks at the concern over Paul Pierce’s knee, which may keep him out of tonight’s rematch with the Raptors. Jeff Howe doesn’t think that it is far fetched that LeBron James could be a Celtic in 2010. Tim Weisberg says that the Celtics are fighting fatigue, whether they admit it or not. Jessica Camerato looks at the Facebook campaign to get Brian Scalabrine to the All Star game.

Spears’ notebook has a look at the Celtics extensive injury list. Bulpett’s notebook has Pierce stating that he believes there will be some changes to the roster before the playoffs for the Celtics.


Mike Reiss reports on the Broncos hiring Josh McDaniels to replace Mike Shanahan as head coach. John Tomase also looks at McDaniels getting the Denver job. Going all doom and gloom on us, Michael Felger tells us that all this attrition the last few years has to have caught up with the Patriots, and the loss of McDaniels and probably Pioli is going to further damage the franchise. Glen Farley also reports on McDaniels’ departure.

Reiss also says that Scott Pioli to Kansas City is looking very much like a realistic situation.

Thanks to the Eagles win over the New York Giants yesterday, the Patriots also moved up one pick in the draft. The Philadelphia victory ensured that either they or the Arizona Cardinals will be in the Super Bowl, and each team had few wins than the Patriots this season. The Patriots will now draft 23rd.

Bob Ryan reports on the Eagles knocking off the defending Super Bowl champions, while Christopher L. Gasper has the details of the Steelers win over the Chargers.

Mark Farinella looks at the likely retirement of longtime Bronco Tom Nalen, a Foxboro High and Boston College product.

Red Sox

Jim Rice will find out today whether he’ll be elected to the Hall of Fame. Nick Cafardo says that either way it goes, it will end 15 years of frustration for Rice. Michael Silverman says that while Rice might seem to be a good bet considering how close he was last year, he’s far from a sure bet. Curt Schilling gives his input on the Hall of Fame candidates.

Ron Borges says that Terry Francona has shown he knows how to handle Boston and the duties of managing the Red Sox. Silverman says that it looks like a busy week ahead for the Red Sox.


Mike Loftus says that the second half of the season should be more difficult for the Bruins. Fluto Shinzawa has goalie prospect Tuukka Rask ready for when the Bruins call. Joe Haggerty looks at the progress that Patrice Bergeron is making, noting that the center is on a different path this season than he was last. Steve Conroy has the Bruins turning to young Matt Hunwick to pick up the slack with the injuries the team is battling.

Mark Blaudschun and Steve Conroy have Boston College getting closer to naming a head football coach.


10 thoughts on “Celtics Get Off Slide

    1. Felger’s only contribution to the media is a desperate attempt at having original thoughts – regardless of the stupidity he constantly shovels down ignorant and stupid listeners/readers.

      When Felger actually adds something to the mix then you know the end of the world is very soon.


  1. To be honest, McDaniels lost me when he played right into the Giants’ hands in the Super Bowl last season–just 16 rushing attempts against a defense that was selling out against the pass for the entire 60 minutes.

    The offense will be fine without him–the talent is still there, and in the end, that’s what usually matters, on that side of the ball especially (see Norv Turner, who’s STILL getting hired for head coaching jobs 15 years after coaching The Triplets in Dallas).

    The potential loss of Pioli is a concern, but given how successful his former deputy was in Atlanta this past year (Dimitroff), I have to believe that there’s an equally talented individual waiting in the wings to take Pioli’s place.

    Oh, and if McDaniels is in fact taking Capers to Denver with him, that definitely creates a job opening for Romeo Crennel on the Pats’ defensive staff……that would certainly lessen the blow of losing the offensive coordinator in my view.


  2. Why didn’t Felger become a financial reporter instead of a sports media hack? At least his negative tone could have been put to better use.


    1. Yes, Indeed! And it puts a close to yet another dour topic for Shaughnessy to bemoan. Can’t we just jettison this ‘I-Remember-When…’ sports media hack to some far-off planet?


  3. I don’t see what the big deal is about Felger’s column. Is EVERY article about the Patriot’s supposed to be all cheerful and hopefull?? He wrote an article about the fact that at some point the pats will start feeling the losses of mangini, weiss, romeo, mcdaniels, pioli, etc. it’s a legitimate topic…it doesn’t mean Felger’s being overly negative or pessimistic.


  4. well, that’s just it…..EVERY Felger column is like that. He’s like the little boy who cried wolf….remember back to this pre-season and his hysterical ranting and raving about how, “Cassel stinks and should be CUT” about how the Patriots were, “making a BIG MISTAKE in not having a veteran backup QB on the roster!!”…..after awhile it gets old. He justs throws the crap against the wall and hopes some of it sticks.

    Bottomline?…..Felger has no more knowledge of football than the drunk down at your local sports bar.


    1. Right on AOB. If Mike Reiss wrote the same article, I’d look at it with some credibility. When Felger writes it, it’s just assclownery.


  5. I hear ya AOB…
    I guess I just like Felger much more than those other biased clowns covering/talking about the Pats on WEEI and in the Herald. Reiss is great. I think Felger does a good job on Comcast.
    I still can’t believe the deal Ordway got. I’d love to see 890 get another afternoon drive show to compete with WEEI’s afternoon drive.


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