Mike MutnanskyMike Mutnansky was recently named the co-host of the new Saturday morning WEEI.com Radio Show.

Mutnansky grew up a basketball junkie in Pepperell MA, and went to UConn simply for its basketball programs. While there he wrote for the UConn’s Daily Campus covering and traveling with the men’s basketball team for two years. During his Jr year he interned with Big Show at WEEI. He graduated a bachelor’s in journalism and communications.

After graduation, Mutnansky moved back to MA.  He tried to get a job at a few of the local papers with no luck, and  was days from going into pharmaceutical sales when he met Marty Tirrell. He had just left his evening show at 1510 the Zone, and was starting a sports show on the then 5000-watt 1590-AM WSMN in Nashua, NH. Mutnansky was able to land a job as a “flash guy/co-host” on an afternoon sports show Monday – Friday and a Saturday morning show. He also helped launch and execute “Friday Night Lights – NH High School Football in Action.”

WSMN and land of station was sold in early 2004. A summer of landscaping work followed for Mutnansky. Then, late that summer,  Tom Monahan funded a similar sports show with Tirrell and Mutnansky on 900-AM Nashua. Monahan purchased the station soon afterwards and went to an all sports format. The show continues, and landed number of regular guests, including Bob Ryan.

In late 2005 Dennis & Callahan producer Steve Ciaccio called Mutnansky and offered him a chance to start doing occasional sports flashes at WEEI. By early 2006, Marty Tirrell had left the Nashua station and headed for the green pastures of Springfield. Mutnansky then assumed the lead role in Nashua.

He continues to work at WGAM (900-AM Nashua and 1250-AM in Manchester), hosting a weekday afternoon on show Mon-Fri 3:00-6:00pm while also filling in at WEEI. Last year, Mutnansky got the chance to start hosting and co-hosting at WEEI. It was mostly on weekends, and then this summer had the chance to host solo and also fill in on WEEI’s weekday programming, leading to the announcement about the WEEI.com Radio Show this week.

As for his philosphy on his job: “I am extremely, extremely lucky to be doing what I’m doing. The crew at WGAM and WEEI has been very supportive. The passion and energy of the New England fans is unmatched. I just try and match their energy and passion in any shift that I have. I’m not looking for anything scripted. Organic sports conversation that informs people, makes them laugh, makes them think. I like to argue. Hopefully I bring a bit of a younger voice to the station amongst all these “old guys.”

I still kind of have to pinch myself – I essentially grew up on Glenn and the Big Show. Now I get to take heat from them and their listeners on the Whiner Line. It’s a bit of a trip.

I’m fired up for the WEEI.com Radio Show Saturday mornings with Blogford, er, Mr. Bradford. Guys are out taking care of their honey-do lists and errands for the day. It’s a great time to talk sports. I’m thrilled at the chance to be a part of this new show.”

22 thoughts on “Who Are These Guys? – Mike Mutnansky

  1. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve heard enough of him to formulate a complete opinion of his on-air work, but I always like to hear stories of local guys who finally break through after landscaping and fill-in work.


  2. Congratulations on the new, your years of dedicated work in the radio business have paid off!

    I heard a rumor that WEEI really wanted a Dale Jr. for the weekends show….okiliy dokily!


  3. Tentative approval. No final “phantom” approval until David, Michael and Danny have had an opportunity to rate him on the “gunt” meter.


  4. While you may all think it’s fantastic that a young guy has been given an opportunity, please do the Christian thing and think about the brother that was displaced?

    Craig and I held that Saturday slot for 13 years. We developed some great friendships with the callers. Mike from Canton, Joey from the North End, and who could forget the charming “Laura”…”Hi Guys!!!”

    They became like family to me…they really did. Every Saturday was like a mini reunion, catching up on the pasts weeks events. You know, unlike the daily shows, we had an opportunity to reflect back on the week and talk about things that were five or six days old and already beaten to death by the WEEI rotation. Heck, Craig and I would even argue each week about Roger Clemens, and that story was about 15 years old…BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Now my Saturdays are vacant, desolate, and I spend my mornings gorging on Shaw’s Birthday Cakes and tracing pictures of Pete, Big O, and all the great guys at WEEI. I’m not bitter. I’m really grateful that the guys let me hang out with them. I still remember the time we were at The Charlie Horse watching Monday Night Football five years ago and Dakota jumped on Pete and started slapping his behind….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Even though nobody talked to me all night and I was only invited because I was the designated driver, for one brief instant, I felt like one of the guys!!! I’ll never forget that.

    Good luck to you Mutnansky, and realize you have one very large 5X powder blue muu-muu to fill.

    God Bless


    p.s. I still love you Glenn, and I’ll work for free if you’ll have me back.


  5. He should have opted for pharmaceutical sales. It’s only a matter of time before Mike becomes an overweight loudmouth beating the storyline drum.


  6. he is god awful his lack of knowledge of sports especially football is amazing and he is weak at baseball as well. He likes to have Donny Marshall on the show and procedes to gus overhim. He sounds way to phony and now I know why he is a an Ordway disciple.


    1. Are you talking about Dickerson or Tanguay?? Mike is a much needed young breath of fresh air for a station whose talent has long gone stale. His knowledge of the local teams is more than solid and he actually watches the games and enjoys sports – novel concepts for our local sports talk show hosts.


  7. Mike Mutnansky has been a diamond in the rough for quite some time. Great voice, solid knowledge and terrific delivery. Respectful to callers as well, which is huge.

    Mutnansky, along with Bradford and Felger, will offer a fresh feel to weekends, which had gone painfully stale with the likes of Adams and Buckley.

    His being a local guy only serves to heighten his appeal, credibility and chances for success.

    Good luck, Mike. You paid your dues and truly deserve this shot.


  8. I will still miss mustard & johnson, a show that had chemistry. Its a shame the way they were treated. EEI will miss them terribly!


  9. Approve. I like Mutnansky. Seems like a real good guy. No ego, lots of energy, seems to love being on the radio,
    very open minded and actually listens and talks to the callers. Every call doesn’t erupt into an argument like the other shows on EEI.
    Will not miss Mustard & Johnson.


  10. congrats mike, its been an interesting road with MT, various smaller stations and such but this is what you always wanted to do and we are all very proud of you. Let me know if you guys ever start talking Iowa Football or Horseracing.


  11. The Mut Man is much more than a capable host. The man is a sports fanatic who puts in the time and effort to always stay on top of the fast-pace sports world news. He is an extremely talented host who has an amazing sense of humor. Just listening to him reminds of one of my good buddies from college. Keep up the good work Mike!!


  12. the mutt man???? what kind of name is that bring back mustard and johnson bring back yankee talk bring back mike and joey from the northend this new show is like all the rest.


    1. the mut man will be running the show in a few years when all these cremudgens retire, if he’s not onto bigger and better things already.


  13. breathe of fresh air for sure. doesn’t kiss ass on weei like most of the hosts or pretend to be gods gift to sports radio like the others. knowledge wise put him at the top of the food chain. it wont be soon enough that he is host or co host of the 10-2 or 2-6 slot. although i tend to believe that he will be more of a national figure than a local one. big things are in store for the mut man!!!!!


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