The Boston Herald has been looking for an NFL reporter to take on the Patriots beat. The Heraldsports editor has already all but confirmed that John Tomase will be going over to the Red Sox beat, which is in need of help with both Rob Bradford and Tony Massarotti leaving. Tomase is also in need of a fresh start given his disastrous “walk-through” story.

Who are some of the candidates for the position, and which one should they hire?

Here are some reporters who might seem to be a logical fit for the position, and could very well end up with the job.

David Heuschkel

Heuschkel covered the Patriots for the Hartford Courant until July 31st, when as part of a downsizing of the sports department, he was let go. He had been with the paper for 17 years, covering the Red Sox for seven seasons (2000-2006) and moving to the Patriots beat last season. Heuschkel scored a number of scoops and exclusives while on the Red Sox beat and now also has the football credentials as well. The fact that he is currently out of work may actually be in his favor as he could step into the job immediately.

Christopher Price

Currently at the Boston Metro, Price has covered the Patriots for the paper since 2001. He has written a book on the team, The Blueprint which was published last season. Price writes the very popular “10 Things We Learned…” column following each game, which is one of the most clicked-through columns each week here on BSMW. Price has also been a contributor to Patriots Daily, penning the weekly “Inside Gillette” notes column.

Douglas Flynn

Flynn was profiled in this space yesterday, and his past association with the Herald through the former content sharing agreement between the Metrowest Daily News and the Herald make him well known to management at the latter. His work on the Patriots beat has been impressive in his one year on the job.

Eric McHugh

McHugh is another Patriots beat writer who has paid his dues at a smaller paper, having taken the reins from the legendary Ron Hobson at the Quincy Patriot Ledger. McHugh has done some solid work in his time on the beat, avoiding most of the hysterics that some of his colleagues occasionally fall into.

Jon Couture

Couture could be a long shot, as he is more of a baseball guy. He writes for the Standard-Times of New Bedford, doing Red Sox columns and notes for the paper. He’s a young guy with a bright future in the business, and with his paper having recently followed the trend of many others in the industry and doing away with most of their professional sports coverage, he might be ready to step out and make a move to a larger paper. Edit – I had the Standard-Times mixed up with another paper that is cutting back coverage…I’m assured that they’re trying to do more, not less. However, Couture is still a great candidate for the job.

Now is your chance to weigh in on these candidates, or to suggest your own. If you vote “someone else,” please put their name down in the comments section and give us some reasons why.



33 thoughts on “Who Should Be the Herald’s New Patriots Reporter?

  1. I voted for ‘someone else,’ and I think that ‘someone else’ should be Jeff Horrigan. I know it’s a stretch, and not at all likely to happen. But there is too much of a confrontational atmosphere between the media and the Patriots’ personnel. Horrigan is as straight-arrow (and smart) as they come, and would win the trust that so many of the others in the sports media cabal have lost.

  2. Any of those guys would work well, and the Herald should hire a couple of people, Karen Guregian will be worn out soon from the one woman show she’s running covering the Pats.

  3. How about Joe Haggerty? He’s also a Sox guy and on the outside looking in, but Haggs should be in with the rest of those names.

    In fact, it’s really kind of an incomplete list…

  4. I’m not certain he knows anything about football, but Ron Borges appears to have fallen on hard times. He’s set to write an article a week on, and he shows up on that fuzzy CN8 show every so often. He might be interested.

  5. Can’t vote as any writer would shrink under the ancient muckraking mentality of the Herald. Not only because of Tomase but other highly publicized incident, the Herald Sports (thanks Hank) thinks it’s audience needs gossip – not knowledge. Why wish that on a young promising writer?

  6. I’ve voted for my personal preference but any of these guys would be a welcome addition to the beat. All straight shooters and solid people.

    LL – Those mounting Google ad dollars would be mighty tough to walk away from.

    1. You need to maximize the STORYLINES and those Google Ad Dollars will increase manyfold. Posts like the one made today by the new fella you have on the beat aren’t going to get you there. You need a steady low paying gig working for a paper that may or may not be in business in a year.

      That is the ticket to true SUPERSTARDOM and a seat next to a Mike Sando admirer on Patriots Friday’s Big Show.

  7. How can you not mention Joe Haggerty?

    His writing style is unique and interesting. His blog entry on Dustin Pedroia last year was forwarded into mailboxes everywhere. He’s a regular guest on WEEI, CN8, NECN.. Seems a natural choice to me..

  8. Joe Haggerty is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

    1. Joe Haggery is the most interesting man in the world…and when he decides to drink a beer, he drinks Dos Equis.

  9. Borges would’ve been a perfect fit before he got scooped up by

    If Haggerty was a New England business he’d be the Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

  10. Here’s a vote for one of the suburban guys: McHugh, Glen Farley, Mark Farinella — those guys do solid work in relative anonymity. Move in and move up fellas.

  11. Raymond Clayborn escaped serious injury when he fell back into that laundry cart as a result of a single Will McDonough punch, because Joe Haggerty was already there to cushion his fall. You can’t teach instincts like that.

  12. How about bringing back Kevin Mannix?

    The current lack of Belichick-haters in the local print media–people who write criticisms of the team’s decisions just because they don’t like BB–seems to be at an all-time low.

    Maybe he can explain to the readership in greater detail that BB really DID swing and miss on Logan Mankins in the first round of the 2005 draft, despite all (Pro Bowl) evidence to the contrary.

    That would be an interesting read.

    1. Team him up with Ron Hobson, and give them a clever name like “Touchdown Twins”, or something like that. Bet they’d be great with somebody like Eddie Andelman. They could sit around on Sunday nights and debate the best brands of prune juice as well as some of the better over-the-counter stool softeners.

  13. It would be awesome if the HERALD hired Borges. The Globe sure would take notice. What goes around comes around!

    1. What would really be interesting would be for The Most Interesting Man In The World to beat Borges to a bloody pulp in retribution for him punching a guy with a cane and for being a moron in general. Then Borges would finally understand he’s the opposite of King Midas – everything he touches turns to douche.

  14. So Tomase the Liar is no longer able to cover the Patriots, so he’s going to cover the Red Sox for the same fans who follow the Patriots? Hey, Felger is back on ‘EEI talking about “Men I’d Do,” so nothing is impossible, is it?

  15. There is no contest here. Christopher Price has covered the Patriots more completely and thoroughly than anyone out there. He has lived and breathed the Patriots for years. Not only has he written The Blueprint about the Patriots, but he has also written and had published the official history of the Cape Cod league, called Baseball by the Beach. By the way THE BLUEPRINT is now in paperback with an added chapter called Almost Perfect on the Patriots winning season as well as the Super Bowl dissappointment. He is the absolute best candidate for the position.

  16. Hey..

    The Herald should “pirate” Mike Reiss…by fer the best Pats question!!
    All it would take would be a few bucks for a MAJOR upgrade!!!

  17. Chris Price should be the next reporter.
    If you read his book you would agree hands down!!!!

  18. I am not a sport fan to the highest as some, and therefore my opinion may not be as substantial as others. However I do find myself (when browsing through the New Bedford Standard Times) enjoying the writings of Couture. I also feel after looking at the other choices that maybe it would be in the Heralds best interest to invest in “a young guy with a bright future in the business” who will only continue to grow and excel in his career.

  19. I don’t know much about football but after reading Chris’ book, I became a fan of the Patriots. Chris is an excellent sports writer. I love his colorful and articulate insights and personal take on the teams and the games. He would be a great addition to the paper.

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