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After a Hall of Fame playing careerwith the Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, A’s and Cardinals, Dennis Eckersley began his broadcast career as a color analyst for the A’s TV broadcasts in 1999.

For the last several years Eckersley has been in the rotation of studio analysts for the Red Sox telecasts on NESN, and has consistently proven himself to be the most candid,  and also insightful of the group. On occasion he has also filled in during the game in the booth, either in place of Jerry Remy on the TV telecasts, and even a few times in the radio booth.

He’s developed his own unique lingo over the years, referring to pitches with “hair” or throwing “cheese.” He is not limited to just commenting on pitching however, as his knowledge of the game allows him to speak to all parts of the game.



45 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Dennis Eckersley

  1. He’s great. The incident with Dick Radatz was regrettable, but I chalk that one up to a long day at the local gin mill.

    As an aside, his hall of fame acceptance speech is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

  2. I wish that Eck was on the NESN broadcast more often. I find it funny that they employ guys like Rice and Macca who have no right working in a market this size. Good to see Eck keeping the tan up this season too.

  3. Seems to have his own mind and is not a shill for John Henry and NESN. I hear he still wears his flowing locks because he has large, pie-plate ears. Obviously knows the game well, and not afraid to call out a player, mostly pitchers, when they blow.

    Much better than Jim Corsi, Lou Merloni, Dave McCarty, and any of the other ex-job scrubs we’ve been subjected to. Should be good enought to get a national gig if he wanted it.

    PHANTOM APPROVED!!! Gourmet Greatness!!!

  4. So far 55 of 56 have voted APPROVE. I’m one of them. Adds a lot to the NESN pre- and pst-gamers whenever they have him.

  5. The thing is when you have an Eckersley, you know that the Eckersley is going to be there when you have the Eckersley to be there. And for the Red Sox, that’s the important thing. Approve.

  6. He’s rarity among Boston sports media persons. He actually informs you; he tells you things you may not have known.

  7. Outspoken but always, always, always tell it exactly like he sees it. He’s not merely yanking chains either; he’s insightful and entertaining.

    He’s great.

  8. Absolutely one of the best analysts ever. If he’d lose the stupid haircut, he’d be perfect.

  9. Great commentary after a game. When I know he’ll be on I stick around to listen to him. His knowledge and insights are great, plus he communicates in a way that’s informative without being condescending. Not an over-the-top homer but he understands his audience. Definitely under-utilized by NESN.

    Great credibility.

  10. What’s not to love? He’s honest, has the placque in Cooperstown to back his talk up, and has an outstanding mullet/permatan combo.


  11. Absolute stud.

    The guy is tremendous – insightful, knowledgeable, entertaining, passionate.

    The complete opposite of those pre-programmed NESN/”Red Sox Nation” mouth pieces Caron, Remy and Orsillo.

  12. Strong approval.

    The Eck is quite simply the best NESN analyst they have.
    He provides expert post game analysis, routinely criticizes the team and players when justified, hands out praise when deserved, speaks well and is articulate (unlike Jim Rice). His HOF playing experience combined with his solid analyst skills make him the best part of the NESN analyst rotation.

  13. Terrific. Funny, intelligent, emotional and insightful. Should be on ESPN, but he’d put their “experts” to shame.

    And I love his haircut. Approve!

  14. Eck has seemingly defied the aging process. Still sports the same mullet as he did in ’78. He’s awesome to listen to – very informative. Highly APPROVE!

    1. Absolutely right. Eck looks fantastic for his age … any age, for that matter. I don’t know if it’s the pseudo-mullet or what, but little has changed in his appearance since 1988.

      As for an analyst, he’s candid, critical, witty and insightful. I, for one, am glad ESPN only hires shills and incompetent yes-men these days, otherwise Eck would surely have a national gig by now.


  15. As someone else has already said, what’s not to like about Eck? he’s smart, insightful, honest, funny, knows his stuff, and is hot-looking to boot. It’s always a bonus when when he is. LOVE HIM.

    APPROVE 1,000 times!!!!

  16. Edit: The last part of my Eck comment should have read, “It’s always a bonus when he’s on the postgame show and I make a point of watching it when he is.”

  17. Has been seen shopping in Sudbury Farms which gets my wife’s approval. Must not like Shaws as there is one nearby to Sud Farms. I don’t know what all this means though.


      1. It’s in that no-man’s land between Marlboro and Sudbury- If you’re in Sudbury you go to Sudbury Farms, if you’re in Marlboro you go to Price Chopper

        1. The Sudbury Shaws is poorly laid out and always out of stock. Sudbury Farms is a much better store (albeit way overpriced).

          I love good grocery talk.

  18. I remember when he spoke at my Babe Ruth League dinner thirty years ago and he was totally pollluted.


  19. Probably the best studio analyst in baseball.

    He must not want a network job, because if he does, they’re all complete fools for not hiring him.


  20. Nobody alive is better qualified to analyze pitching than The Eck.


    Entertaining, articulate, animated and most importantly, accomplished beyond belief.


    Twenty-game winner. Hall of Fame closer. Pitched a no-hitter. Won an MVP award, a Cy Young award and a World Series.

    How’s that for a resume?

    If NESN would put him on every night, and I’d watch every night.

    Approve. Approve. Most highly, approve.

  21. …APPROVE!…EXCELLENT at what he does. Why NESN doesn’t employ him FULL TIME baffles me. Do they just like to TORTURE us?….loved Jim Rice as a player but he’s a TOTAL BORE, the same goes for Ken Macha and then there is the other no-name dude who shows up from time to time. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Why the “rotation” ?…..just hire Eck and be done with it, for God’s sake!

    1. I cannot understand why ESPN or some network has not picked him up, he is better than ANYONE nationally.

    1. …the 12 disapprovers are playing the “CONTRARIAN”…..they must be Felger fans

  22. He really has had an interesting life and career. I don’t think he wants to work every game, but I agree with others that he is the best NESN has. He was my favorite player when I was 11. Now I’m 41 and he still looks the same.

  23. Great analyst, and once crossed swords with him while going family style on some chick in Santa Cruz in ’81. He barked “swing harder!” paused, then gave me the Mentos “gotcha!” look…total class act, and never wood problems

  24. As unafraid at the mike as he was on the mound. Refreshingly, caustically honest.
    As opposed to the cliche-spouting norm, in his inventive use of language is a delight — even if you disagree.

    Highly, heartily APPROVE!

  25. Best analyst on television. He makes it look so easy, and there is no one even close to him nationally. Shouldn’t there be more like him?

  26. Agree with all the comments made…if the NESN studio analysts were a starting rotation Eck would far and away be their ace (and not just because he’s the only former pitcher in the rotation).

    Although I normally abhor a 3-man broadcast booth I would love to see Eck team up with Orsillo and Remy, if only to get the two of them to focus more on baseball. Plus I think if they were going to digress, having two former teammates like Remy & Eck together would produce much funnier moments on the air.

    But from what I’ve heard Dennis has chosen to remain a part-time guy. I imagine NESN has tried to lock him up full-time on many occasions only to be turned down. Either he must have another part-time non-broadcasting-related job or he must have been a shrewd investor after his playing days ended and simply doesn’t need the extra dough.

  27. I think I have heard he only wants to be part-time, our loss. As was said above I will watch pre-, post-game if he’s on…if not it’s bye bye.

    He is an Oakland guy, maybe he got in on the Silicon Valley stock before most. I was just thinking he would be a perfect replacement for Remy down the road, if he wanted it.

    Funny when Oakland was dominant I couldn’t stand him.


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