Approval Ratings – Chris Collins

Chris CollinsToday we’re rating NECN main sports anchor Chris Collins.

Collins is a native of Peabody, and is marking his 10th year at NECN. Prior to joining the station he had worked in stations in Louisiana and Milwaukee before coming back home to Massachusetts.

Collins serves as host of the nightly “Sports LateNight” on NECN. His bio at the station website lists among his accomplishments “exclusive live interviews with Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Varitek, Derek Lowe and Teddy Bruschi. He won national recognition for breaking the Notre Dame new head coach appointment story in 2001, and the Jeff Allison story in 2004.” (Note to NECN: an update might be in order for some of the bios on the site.)

Collins is an occasional guest or co-host on sports radio WEEI, though he hasn’t been heard on the station in some time.




  1. in the know on the north shore says

    I agree w/ Lance! This guy is so approachable and knowledgeable. I met him tonight in Salem and talked sports w/ him for a solid hour. I am a 40 year old North Shore sports mom. He didn’t care who I was; he just talked local sports and cared what i thought/ had to contibute… Great guy/devoted husband/interested reporter…..


  2. in the know on the north shore says

    Chris is the man!! I met him tonight in Salem off the record. He knows his local sports and is a great guy and conversationalist!


  3. Lance G says

    Wow .. all of you guys/girls seem to be focusing the majority of your negativity on his height. I guess that means that his work as a Sportscaster is pretty good. I have not seen him in awhile, but I am proud to see that he has a high approval percentage.

    I have known Chris since we were 7 and played sports both with and against him through Colleg. For all of you playing on his height .. I would bet a lot of money that he is/was a far better athlete than 99% of you posting. Fast, Hops, Strong and .. Money in the clutch. Maybe its his success that has you all pissed off


  4. Chris says

    I think there is a class in TV Sports Journalism on ‘Hand gestures and making yourself seem more important and knowing than you are.’


  5. Chris Curtis says

    Gee, first the fat jokes for LJ, and now the universal short jokes for Collins. Is there anyone here who WASN’T a bullying jock thug when they were in middle school?

    I voted approval, all too often when the 11:00 ‘newscasts’ are featuring the latest lost cute puppy or ogling a car accident I can turn to NECN and get sports news in a far more intelligent and sane manner than, say, Mr Burton could ever deliver.


  6. buttercup says

    It saddens me to see the negative comments. After all, considering the trauma he survived as a youth and the bravery he showed by escaping Gordon Jump’s clutches and bringing help to save his buddy Dudly…well the fact that he has successful, albeit diminutive broadcasting career, I say cheers and huzzahs!


  7. Curtis says

    I approve for the simple fact his existence in the Boston media allowed the opportunity for the hilarious posts made here. Good stuff.


  8. John says

    how has nobody mentioned his ridiculous hand gestures, they drive me freakin’ insane. that in addition to being the biggest cheese ball in the market who constantly grandstands even with his own more talented weekend guy mike giardi.


  9. media-tor says

    To respond to some of the previous comments, Collins does not actually work on Sundays but instead Mon-Fri nights, which is somewhat curious given all the other #1 sports anchors in town do (Mike Giardi hosts the weekend shows).

    I also don’t believe Collins was ever banned from WEEI, but since he got promoted to NECN’s lead sports anchor he also anchors the sport reports on NECN’s 5:00 & 6:00 newscasts which conflicts with EEI’s Big Show.


  10. b holmes says

    his miniature ego is so small he gave a blow by blow description of his wedding engagement to the boston herald. and before you go playing the card,just know that some of my best friends are little people.


  11. LJ Sandwich says

    His Sunday night show attracts major talent, like Lenny Megliola and a drunken Max Lane. I believe he also had an “exclusive interview” with known recluse Mike Eurizione. He works hard, delivers the sports with a smile, and if you don’t like it, he’ll deliver a good straight jab to your shin.


  12. Corner Blitz says

    He would make a fine lawn jockey, I believe. His lack of stature being a HUGE asset. As a sportscaster he is absolutely forgettable, like a mocha Mike Ratte. Disapprove.


  13. Tiki says

    One time, he was in the drive-thru line at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Washington Street in Peabody and honked his horn because the line was moving too slow. Who does that?? Besides, there’s something creepy about Munchkins eating their own.


  14. jw says

    I just don’t like his on air delivery, never have. That fake smile and smugness in his delivery bothers me.


  15. Andrew says

    First off, a note to Beaker… that post was awesome.

    Secondly, I think Collins is deserving of approval. He is not an overly opinionated loud mouth nor is he one of the local self-promoters always looking to make himself part of the story. He goes about the job of reporting on the local sports scene in a professional manner. Particularly given the look-at-me nature of many in the local sports media, competently performing your job in a professional manner should be enough to garner a decent approval rating.


  16. Barba says

    A comment to Lance: If you’ve never heard of this guy you shouldn’t be voting in these polls. He’s been around for 10 years reporting on the 4 major sports in Boston.

    This guys deserves a mild approval vote because he does his job, reports the news and does the interviews without trying to be a part of the story or for personal gain. He is a little vanilla though, like Mike Tirico at espn.


  17. Davey says

    … has settled in at the invisible NECN as a run-of-the-mill sports guy … lacks the drive to move ahead in his career … Much better than Dumb (Burton) and Dumber (Stearns) … A real cheapskate … taller than advertised … Has hot wife, sister of NFLer Omar Easy … Articulate and knowledgable, he should be further along on his career path … must have ticked off Ordway as he is banned from WEEI.


  18. LJ Sandwich says

    I once saw a six year old eat peas off of Chris Collins’ head. He took it well, but it must have been humiliating. I also hear that geriatric broadcasting legend Tom Ellis has tripped over Collins many times in the NECN studios. “I just didn’t see the little fella”, the handsome anchor said with his trademark smile.


  19. Beaker says

    I wouldn’t sell Chris short. His ratings dwarf those of his competition. While NECN’s reach may be small relative to some others, Chris has proven he can measure up with the big boys. There’s little point in arguing this.


    • larry says

      Now that is FUNNY! NECN is the lowest rated station in the market, even lower than Univision. The station can go days without a 1.0 25/54. I bet Collins hasn’t gotten a 1.0 in the demo in a year.


  20. NAOP says

    I “disapprove”. In the long and storied history of Sports Late Night I’d rank him as the third worst host, topping only Steve Buckley and the guy who used to do weekends when Mike Adams was the weekday host. I can’t approve of anyone who is less competent at their job than Mike Adams.


  21. says

    Yeah, we in RI don’t get NECN. Probably a good thing since the channel focuses more on Boston and ignores everywhere else in New England. It should be BCN instead of NECN.


  22. Bill Bleak says

    WHO?…I live in Rhode Island and we don’t get NECN so I guess I’ll abstain….Bruce must be teasing us and saving the “Big Guns” for last


  23. NASCL says

    I’m probably neutral but voted “approve” just because I can’t lump him in with Stearns, Tanguay, Adams & a possible suspect in the Isabella Stewart Gardner art heist.


  24. Chris says

    I was going to ask ‘Who?’ also, but then I realized that it’s a GOOD thing when a sports media person stays just shy of being a full-fledged whore/hack like others we’ve discussed previously. The more you see and hear of a certain ‘talent,’ the higher their negatives go. Funny how that works. Yet it doesn’t stop them from being ‘seen’ and ‘heard.’


  25. gary says

    I couldn’t stand this guy when he would be on WEEI (about 4 years ago), and hated seeing him on NECN. Thank God DirecTV doesn’t have NECN so I don’t have to worry about seeing him there either. Another “bomb thrower” in the Butch Sterns mold.