Gary Tanguay of CSN and WBCNToday’s subject for your approval (or disapproval) is CSN’s Gary Tanguay.

The well-coiffed Tanguay is a busy guy, co-hosting Mohegan Sun’s Sports Tonight for CSN alongside Mike Felger as well as the pregame and postgame shows for the Celtics broadcasts on the network. He has been with CSN since 2000.

In addition, Tanguay is the host of the pregame and postgame shows on the WBCN Patriots radio broadcasts.

Prior to joining CSN, Tanguay worked at WBZ-TV, and also did radio work with WEEI, WVEI and WTKK, where he hosted “Calling All Sports.”

Tanguay has also been posting on Wicked Good Sports, a blog affiliated with CSN.



34 thoughts on “BSM Approval Ratings – Gary Tanguay

  1. classic panic monger who “just throws stuff out there” to manufacture controversy and generate topics and storylines for the 10pm FSN show.

  2. I agree. He does play the “sky is falling” Chicken Little thing that insults any fan who can think for themselves. The act has just grown too tired, time for something better.

  3. Cannot bear Gare-Bear and that “look-at-me” Herald hack who works with him. Never even bother with NEST anymore – mostly prefabricated arguments by idiots who know less about sports than the people on the BSMW message board.

  4. This guy is ready to jump off a bridge everytime one of our sports teams brings on a non “character” guy. (i.e. Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, Ricky Davis, etc etc)

    I’d take Michael Holley (spelling?) over him anyday.

  5. Worst on the Boston Sports Scene. There are some who annoy like Dennis & Callahan & Snank, but I can still stomach listening and reading them. Tanguay makes me steer clear of any CSN unless a game is on. I am shocked that the vote is this close. Someone, please tell me what they find appealing about him.

    1. Having come from Maine, where I broadcasted high school and college sports, I find it odd that someone in Boston would actually find him good enough to have him come down Route 95. It’s very obvious he must have to to a broadcasting school somewhere along the line, the way he over-annouces. He is very difficult to listen to because he is always “screaming”. Gary, you go back to Maine, perhaps working in Dover-Foxcroft, so you cannot be heard.

  6. I wish I could vote for both options. I kind of enjoy his approach on Celtics pre and postgame shows. However, he is insufferable on the Patriots pre and postgame shows.

  7. tanguay is easily the most smarmy, weasel-like joke of a TV personality in the area. Other than that he is fine.

  8. He’s just a host, he does his job ok as a host, I would never waste my time watching and taking stock in Local cable sports shows. Media types in this town rarely break stories, they are too busy trying to become part the story.

  9. I disagree. I like Tanguay. He seems to genuinely care about boston sports. I feel like a lot of sports casters only do their job in hopes of landing a better job somewhere (ESPN). I don’t get that feeling from Tanguay. I do get that feeling from Donny Marshall (Although for some reason I kind of like him too) and that blonde girl who does celtics now. She is awful.

    Although sometimes Gary can be little cheesy.

  10. Tanguay is awful. Lives to manufacture controversy and play the contrarian. His shelf life is definitely up on Sports Tonight.

  11. I like Gary, he’s not perfect but he seems honest and comes off as a regular guy. He has a bit of an edge but I think we would probably do worse if we ditched him.

  12. Typical sports idiot who “lucked” into a decent gig. Would be a major faliure in the “real world.”

    Should be replaced with the hot Celtics dame.

    He is a disgrace on radio but OK in Celts pre-game.

    Reminds me of a guy named Junker, who was a sports idiot in Pittsburgh but got run out of town.

  13. To me it really depends on who he’s with. If he’s with another host that just delivers the facts and gives opinions based on those facts (Donny Marshall), he’s ok. But put him with the Screaming Banshees like Andy Gresh or Felger and he becomes unbearable. Unfortunately too often he’s with the Screaming Banshees

  14. If Tanguay is really only as good as his cast – and he is – then it’s really not debatable. Boo.

    That and he does the weirdest damn eye-flutter thing. He could be Cronkite, and I still just would not be able to get over it. Friggin’ bugs me.

  15. It’s laughable to say that he’d be a failure in the “Real World”, clearly people are missing the boat. Gary is clearly about as versatile as any of the major voices in the greater Boston area.

  16. ‘Well-coiffed?’ The guy looks like he cut his own hair. On the Comcast show, you can just sense how much Gary loves it when the camera is focusing on him. That’s enough right there. Please send him to the land of misfit sports hacks.

  17. Tanguay brings nothing to the table, I’m sooo tired of his “I’m just throwing this out there” stance. I don’t think he has ever had an origional opinion and even then cant stand up for his side of the argument. And the WBCN Patriots pre and postgame show is ruined with the likes of Tanguay and blow hole Gresch. I’m a die hard Pats fan but I can’t bear to listen to the two of them.

  18. It’s telling that Tanguay is the only so far with more negative votes than positive votes. He is awful. Trying to make him and Felger into “personalities” to watch their show is everything that is wrong with sports media today. Rewarding people for saying/writing ridiculous things just so viewers/listeners/readers can get all worked up about it. I’d rather do something else with my time. He’s a complete buffoon.

  19. Buffoon!
    He just another wanna-be who brings nothing to the table in the unfornuate Boston media crowd.

    Bruce, when can we rip the morning flash puke?
    ZERO point zero zero!!!

  20. He fails because he shouldn’t have an opinion. He was made to be an empty suit sports show host. Let Felger crash and burn with outrageous opinions.

  21. The guy has simply no unique insights, no ability to express a distinctive point of view. He is ill-informed, forced and un-talented. He does seem like a nice guy though.

  22. Gary is a true New Englander who is living a dream as most of us sports fans wish we could do. Talk about panic button, just sit in the stands at any arena andhere the real “pros” who never strapped on a helmet or stepped into a batter’s box rant and rave. Gary, you da man! Don’t listen to what these knuckleheads are saying.

  23. Gary is indeed a pro!

    My wife and I watch every pitch of every game the Red Sox play and we watch every shot taken or defended against by the Boston Celtics.

    The comments by Gary that are bounced off Tommie or Donnie Marshall, after the Celtics games are right on. Gary, please don’t worry about the lousy comments from others and just keep on doing what you are doing and the way you do it. I like the dignity of the program such as yours. Thanks

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