Weak Wednesday

Scott A Benson breaks down the playoff picture for this week. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider looks at how the play of the offensive line is going to be critical to the Patriots chances of postseason success. Michael Parente looks ahead to the 49ers this Sunday, in what figures to be little more than an exhibition game. Nick Cafardo files a typical media story on Peyton Manning with all the usual cliches…even without a ring, he’s the best QB…unlike Tom Brady, he has to carry the team all by himself (though I think Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley, Marcus Pollard and Dallas Clark might have dispute that notion.) …the odds are in his favor that he’s going to beat the Patriots someday. No mention about his prohibitive cap number which prevents the Colts from building a Patriots-style defense to help Peyton, or his propensity to throw big picks in big games. Jonathan Comey wonders why fans on either side would be so eager to see a Patriots/Colts rematch. Alan Greenberg looks at questions around the league heading into the final weekend of the season. Felger’s notebook has Corey Dillon wishing to remain in New England beyond his current contract. Cafardo’s notebook says that Richard Seymour should be ready to go for the Divisional playoffs, and has a look at Ben Coates getting his first head coaching job, with his alma mater Livingstone College.

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett look at the Celtics getting routed by the Mavericks in Dallas last night. Bulpett writes that the Mavericks don’t appear to be a good fit for the Glove in a possible trade with the Celtics. Springer’s notebook looks at Avery Johnson getting work as an “Apprentice” coach in Dallas. Bulpett’s notebook has Raef LaFrentz stewing over some remarks by Don Nelson regarding his stay in Dallas.

Michael Gee has the second part in the Herald series looking at the Patriots and Red Sox championship seasons. He looks at one thing both teams have in common, a youthful general manager. Bob Ryan gives us a glimpse of what sports would be like if HE ran things.

Along those lines, if I ran things in sports media in Boston, here’s some things you’d see:

  • Someone who likes football covering the Patriots for the Globe. Bring on Mike Reiss, Tom Curran, or Eric McHugh. Just a short list there.
  • WEEI and the Globe make up. Put Ron Borges on the Big Show. Let a much more vast audience hear his daily descent into madness. Yesterday on WWZN, Borges continued his hints that he has evidence that Bill Belichick is despicable human being by making the statement that if he owned a team, he would not hire Bill Belichick if he was the last coach available. If it came to that, and Belichick was the only coach left on the planet, Ron would sell the team rather than hire Belichick. Yet he continues to claim it’s not personal, and that he is an objective reporter.
  • The Big Show would also feature Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullan, Gordon Edes, Alan Greenberg, Tom Curran, Michael Smith even Dan Shaughnessy in addition to Tony Massarotti, Michael Felger, Sean McAdam. Gone or relegated to weekend duty would be Bill Burt, Larry Johnson, Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie, Butch Stearns and Steve Burton, among others.
  • Let Nick Cafardo cover a sport and team he enjoys. The Red Sox. If travel is too much, work something out.
  • John Dennis – gone. Bring someone in who is going to actually watch sports, and also bring a counter view to Gerry Callahan’s politics. Have some balance on that show.
  • Ryen Russillo and Dave Jageler get larger roles in the media landscape here. They might be the only talents worth salvaging on WWZN.
  • The Touchdown Twins on Dale & Neumy need to be put out to pasture. Replace them with Mike Reiss and Eric McHugh.
  • WEEI streaming on the Internet, and the Big Show simulcast on NESN, similar to what WFAN does with the YES Network.
  • Celtics radio broadcasts get on a better signal and broader network.

That’s just to get started.

This may be the last day of regular links this week. I’m going to be moving over the course of the next few days and internet access could be spotty at times. I will try to get a couple editions of BSMW Classic re-posted during this time.


Grading Day

A couple “C’s” from Kevin Mannix for the Patriots runnings backs and offensive line for a performance against a Jets team that was stacking up to stop Corey Dillon. Coaching gets a “B” without really any explanation other than they should’ve kicked a field goal instead of going for it on fourth down in the last quarter. Michael Parente is all “A’s” and “B’s” in his version of the report card. Steve Grogan is likewise generous with his grades. Tom E Curran writes that this Patriots team has already defended its title with “efficiency, nastiness, selflessness, resourcefulness and passion”. Michael Felger looks at the satisfaction that Bill Belichick and the Patriots got from beating the Jets and getting the first round bye.

I know the beginning of his article today was tongue-in-cheek, but something tells me Nick Cafardo was at least partially serious when he wrote this:

Would Belichick be willing to watch this one from the coaches' booth and allow Romeo Crennel to run the team for some game experience before possible head coaching interviews over the next few weeks?

Yeah, he was kidding, but with all the pining that Cafardo does for the assistant coaches getting their chance to be head coaches, you don’t think there was at least a hint of seriousness about this suggestion? He ends the piece by stating that the Patriots might even smile this week. “If Belichick allows it.” Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots coming back via bus and the coaches getting right back to work…rest for them can come later. Dan Shaughnessy doesn’t really say anything of note, unless you count his thinly veiled shot at Fred Smerlas and WEEI. “It means that the vaunted experts of the airwaves (love ya, Fred) have approximately 10,000 hours to fill with sheer speculation and hot air.” There’s just something ironic about that whole statement coming from Shaughnessy. Mike Reiss provides some actual football commentary and analysis, talking with former Pat Rick Lyle about what makes Richard Seymour so invaluable to the Patriots in the 3-4 defense. He looks at what the Patriots might do if Seymour is hampered or unable to play. Michael Parente looks at the improvements the Patriots have made against the run.

Felger’s notebook looks at the health of Seymour and Ty Law. Curran’s notebook has more on that theme, and who’s likely to get some rest on Sunday. Cafardo’s notebook and Parente’s notebook look at the long bus ride home after the game Sunday.

I’m not asking, I’m demanding that Michael Smith get some “Big Show” appearances in the future. Probably won’t happen. Smith is too smart for the likes of Ordway, Smerlas and DeOssie. Listening to him pin down Greg Dickerson with facts and logic and get Dickerson to contradict himself was a treat to listen to on the WEEI airwaves this morning. I don’t mind Dickerson most of the time, but it’s fun to have him smacked around a little bit once in a while…

Mark Shanahan in the Globe has a feature on Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck and his efforts to make the Celtics a winner again. The Celtics have some defensive concerns to address, after allowing the Spurs to shoot 53% against them the other night. Steve Bulpett and Shira Springer each have a look at what Doc Rivers is trying to do to address the situation. Art Garcia of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (free registration required) says that tonight’s opponents, the Mavericks, could be on the teams interested in acquiring the services of Gary Payton at the trade deadline. Bulpett’s notebook looks at Raef LaFrentz facing his old team, who are happy to see the success he’s having thus far this season.

Tony Massarotti kicks off a five part Herald series looking at the 2004 Championship runs of the Red Sox and Patriots. Art Martone looks at the healing that the 2004 Red Sox accomplished for their followers. Bob Hohler has a look at the Red Sox becoming one of the three teams in MLB to have to pay a payroll threshold tax. If you missed it over the weekend, the Boston Globe magazine had a very good piece on Sox GM Theo Epstein, who was named Bostonian of the Year.

An interesting note was dropped to me this week regarding new Globe sportswriter Chris Snow, rumored to be taking over on the Red Sox beat. It seems that last month Snow found himself the center of a controversy that got a player agent decertified by the NHL. The agent is Boston-based Bryant McBride. Here is the original story on TSN.com, which doesn’t mention Snow by name. Some of McBride’s former clients included former Bruins Jason Allison and Byron Dafoe. Apparently McBride gave Snow access on his computer to the “NHLPA SCORE” program, which allows player agents to gather data on their clients to make sure they get the best contract possible. The Media Drop reported that the writer was Snow, and here is a copy of the article Snow wrote based on what he saw in the program.

Bill Griffith has a look at a rarity this Sunday…all 32 NFL teams playing on the same day.

FSN has Celtics/Mavericks at 8:30.

Bounceback Game

Still in the holiday mode…so abbreviated links for this morning…watch for more BSMW classic this week…

I guess the reports of the demise of the Patriots were greatly exaggerated. Before the game yesterday it was hard to find a media person, Boston, NY or national, who thought New England had a chance in the game, let alone actually win it. But as this team has done so many times in the last few years, they went out and proved everyone wrong. On to the game stories. Scott A BensonMichael FelgerNick CafardoTom E CurranAlan GreenburgMichael Parente. It wasn’t just the Patriots as a team that bounced back, Tom Brady had a great game yesterday following his disaster in the fourth quarter last Monday night. Bob Ryan looks at the play of Brady. Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots bouncing back as ture champions do.

Kevin Mannix looks at the patchwork secondary of the Patriots again getting the job done. Ian M Clark looks at the Patriots showing what they’re made of. Jim Donaldson has a good look at Don Davis, who has been playing out of position at a totally new position, and getting the job done. Ron Borges looks at the struggles of Jets QB Chad Pennington.

Cafardo’s notebook says the Patriots and Adam Vinatieri are closing in on a contract extension. Felger’s notebook looks at the injury to Richard Seymour. He reports that “Afterward, Seymour walked to and from the shower gingerly, although under his own power with no braces, wraps or crutches.” Curran’s notebook looks at the play of the secondary. Parente’s notebook looks at Corey Dillon setting the Patriots single season rushing record yesterday, passing the record held by Curtis Martin.

Just curious…if the Patriots rest their starters this Sunday against the 49ers, will Kevin Mannix be making references to consumer fraud?

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett look at the Celtics falling to Tim Duncan and the Spurs for the 14th time in a row. Springer’s notebook and Bulpett’s notebook both look at the Celtics time off not really doing them any good last night.

ABC has Eagles/Rams at 9:00.

BSMW Classic – Eddie-isms

The BSMW Classic entry for today is a much-requested one…the list of Eddie Andelman-isms, compiled over the years. The list was started by Kevin Peters Steve Brown and is a few years old, so there have been many more missed since the last update. If you have additions to the list, feel free to send them in and they’ll be added…

“What Happened To Mary?” = “There’s Something About Mary”
“Something Happened To Mary” = “There’s Something About Mary”
“It’s A Wonderful Life”- “Life Is Beautiful”
“Rocky Mountain Picture Show” = “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
“Finding Private Ryan”- “Saving Private Ryan”
“Blazing Inferno” – “Towering Inferno”
“The Fish That Swallowed Wanda” – “A Fish Called Wanda”
“The Perfect Wave” – “The Perfect Storm”

“So You Want To Be A Millionaire” – “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”
“Haiwain Five-0” – “Hawaii Five-0”
“Everybody Loves Lucy” = “I Love Lucy”
“I Love Raymond” = “Everybody Loves Raymond”
“Funniest Moments of Your Life” = “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Brontosaurus Rex = Tyrannosaurus Rex

America’s Cup – Ryder Cup
America’s Cup = World Cup
Ryder’s Cup – Ryder Cup
AL East = AFC East
MSL = MLS (soccer)
Strep Throat-Staph Infection
Rotar Cuff- Rotator Cuff
White Sox Park = Comisky Park
Budweiser Stadium = Schaeffer Stadium
The dead guy’s son = Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Lincoln Downs = Lincoln Park
Nick’s Comedy Store – Nick’s Comedy Shop
Riverboat = Riverdance
Father-Son Binding- Father-Son Bonding
Tampa Bay Devils = Tampa Bay Devil Rays
WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) = World Wildfire Federation.
Gracie Mansion = Graceland
Colonial Guest Jeep Line = Colonial Jeep Guest Line
Fuckruckers = Fuddruckers

Don’t Just Say No = Just Say No
Rain Drops Keep Dropping On My Head=Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head
Child Protege – Child Prodigy
“Wag the Tail” = “Wag the Dog”
Anthony’s eyes looked like two cyclops.
Blizzard of ’76 = Blizzard of ’78

Stewart Payne = Payne Stewart
Donna Lewis-Harris = Donna Harris-Lewis

Anna Nicole Kidman = Anna Nicole Smith
Van Diesel = Vin Diesel
Miami Marlins= Florida Marlins
Robert Walker-Robert Edwards
Joe Klecko-Ryan Klesko
Ryan Klecko-Ryan Klesko
JD White-JD Drew
Daddy Puff- Puff Daddy
Walter MaCartney = Walter McCarty
Matt Keough = Matt Young
Deion Jones = Deion Sanders
Ricky Walker = Ricky Williams
Brian Defoe- Byron Defoe
Darrell Lewis- Darren Lewis
Nancy Kwan= Michelle Kwan
Bob Jeter = Derek Jeter
Christian Peters = Christian Peter
Wayne Bellows=Brian Bellows
Jamal Mashburn-Jamal Washburn
Michael Irving=Michael Irvin
Ken Brett=George Brett
Kevin Canty = Chris Canty
Andy Katzenburg = Andy Katzenmoyer
Andy Katzenmeyer = Andy Katzenmoyer
Bobby Hull – Brett Hull
PJ Axelrod = PJ Axelson
Chuck Schilling = Curt Schilling
Master Rap= Master P.
Derrick Collins = Derrick Cullors
Murray McDermott – Mickey McDermott
Ramon Hernandez – Ramon Martinez
Jimmy Jones = Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson = Jimy Williams
Pat Shanahan = Mike Shanahan
Brett Starr = Brett Farve
Mickey Stanley = Mike Stanley
Sam Cunningham – Sam Gash
St. Louis Cardinals – St. Louis Rams
Archie Griffin = Archie Manning
Rebecca MacIntyre = Reba MacIyntire
Richard Bishop – Michael Bishop
Smash Pupmkins – Smashing Pumpkins
Troy O’Leary – Troy Brown
Chad Everett – Carl Everett
The Fabulous Babe- The Fabulous Sports Babe
Jim Baker = Tom Baker
Jose Posada = Jorge Posada
Kobie Brown = Kobie Bryant
Peter Gonzalez – Peter Gelzinis
JR Richards – JR Richard
Kevin Rose = Brian Rose
El Whoppo = El Guapo
Paul Ankiel = Rick Ankiel
Boomer Esiasson – Chris Berman
Tom Goodwin – Tom Gordon
LaMont Harris – Raymont Harris
Tiger Jones – Tiger Woods
Eric Dickenson – Eric Dickerson
Carl Lewis – Carl Everett
Dave Hampton- Mike Hampton
Mark Singleton – Mike Singleton
Terri Brown – Troy Brown
Jimmy Rodgers – Jim O’Brien
Evandy Holyfield = Evander Holyfield
todd mccullough = Claude mccullough
Shawn Hillenbrand- Shea Hillenbrand
Art Howe – Steve Howe
Michael Jordan – Michael Jackson

Romeo Cornell = Romeo Crennel
Andy Katzenmeyer = Andy Katzenmoyer
Vassily Potapenko= Vitaly Potapenko
Vitaly Pompitino= Vitaly Potapenko
Toni Kocut = Toni Kukoc
Micheal Barcum = Micheal Barcam
Hideki Irabo= Hideki Irabu
Walter Playton= Walter Payton
Vern Lingquist = Vern Lundquist
Dimitri Kristov = Dimitri Khristich
John Belluci = John Belushi
Rudolph Guiliano = Rudolph Guiliani
Manny Ramanez – Manny Ramirez
Jerry Trupiani = Jerry Trupiano
Juan Gonzavez = Juan Gonzalez
Raymond Martinez = Ramon Martinez
Rico Broggna = Rico Brogna
Dan Foust = Dan Fouts
Wayne Chrabeck = Wayne Chrebet
Benny Agabayani – Benny Agbayani
El Dookie = El Duque
Fred Cuestick = Fred Cusiak
Dave Daggler =Dave Jageler

BSMW Classic – Sunday Night Sports Shows 04.27.2003

Here’s another item from the BSMW Archives. This is a recap of the Sunday night sports shows from April 27, 2003. This was the weekend of the NFL draft, so you get to hear the opinions of the “experts” on Ty Warren, Eugene Wilson, Dan Klecko and the other Patriots draft picks. Sports Final also had a 1-1 with Bruins Captain Joe Thornton, and there was some Red Sox and Celtics stuff as well in these shows…

Sunday Night Sports Shows April 27, 2003


Green Youth Movement

The Celtics continued their strides toward respectability last night, beating the Knicks 114-109 to pull to within a 1/2 game of division leading New York. This game belonged to Celtics future, as Al Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins and Marcus Banks all had key roles in this win. Shira Springer mostly focuses on Banks in her game story as the second year point guard was on the floor during the closing minutes, over Gary Payton, who gave his blessing to the arrangement. Steve Bulpett has more on Payton giving the nod to Banks down the stretch. Carolyn Thornton also reports on the efforts of the Celtics youngster, while Lenny Megliola looks at what he calls perhaps the Celtics best team effort of the season. Gus Martins has a further look at the night for Kendrick Perkins, who pulled down 13 rebounds in 25 minutes.

Vin Baker was back in Boston last night, the former Celtics forward has had a hard time finding the floor for the Knicks, only playing a total of about 30 minutes in the month of December. Peter May has a look at Baker, who looks back at his time in Boston, and wishes that he could be able to play a meaningful role with the Knicks. Gus Martins also looks at Baker, who doesn’t take shots at the Celtics and says Danny Ainge and the Celtics owners are “good guys”. Thornton’s notebook has a look at the reception Baker got when he entered the game last night. Springer’s notebook has a look at the progress of Al Jefferson, who got his first NBA start last night, and has developed much faster than coach Doc Rivers thought he would. Bulpett’s notebook puts to bed the Antoine-back-to-the-Celtics trade rumors that were started by Peter Vecsey.

The play of Tom Brady on Monday night is still a hot topic of conversation, mostly because many of the mistakes were so unlike anything that we’ve seen from the Patriots QB. Alan Greenberg looks at Brady stepping up, taking the heat for his performance and preparing to move on. Nick Cafardo has Brady going to the film to try to figure out how to make sure he corrects his mistakes. Tom E Curran says we haven’t seen such hand-wringing over a decision by a Patriots QB since Drew Bledsoe dived into the mosh pit. Chris Kennedy looks at Brady being tough on his performance and hoping to learn from the experience. Michael Parente notes that unlike Chad Pennington, Brady handled the media criticism of his performance with grace. Buddy Thomas says that it was proved on Monday night that Brady is overrated. It should be noted that Thomas is an unabashed Peyton Manning fanboy, who spends most of his day engaging in email battles with readers about the merits of Brady vs Manning. Many of the arguments and terms he uses in emails are in this column, including comparing his value to Joe Andruzzi, and a reference to “Marsha” Brady. It’s fairly disturbing all around. Christopher Price also has a look at Brady.

Jim Donaldson looks at the sudden panic in Patriots fans, and says that the team might even actually lose two in a row with the game this weekend in NY against the Jets. He says though that even if that happens, this team is still capable of winning a second straight Super Bowl. Michael Felger says that the Patriots certainly aren’t panicking after the loss in Miami. Bill Reynolds notes the irony in the fact that it took a Patriots loss to get them front and center. That’s only on sports radio, Bill. For many fans the Patriots have been front and center since the end of the World Series. It took a loss for the WEEI hosts to start talking about them. Felger also looks at the Pro Bowl snubs of Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi. Parente’s notebook also covers the Pro Bowl selections and clarifies that Randall Gay’s injury which was originally termed “got the wind knocked out of him” is actually an arm injury. Cafardo’s notebook also looks at who made and who didn’t make the Pro Bowl, as does Greenberg’s notebook. Curran’s notebook has a look at David Givens, and how he seems to be unhappy with his role as of late. He doesn’t understand why the ball isn’t thrown to him as much, and it’s hinted that this could be a way in which the Patriots are trying to save money on him:

Since his production has dropped, it's not as likely that some team will throw a blockbuster offer at him. That figures to help the Patriots who -- because Givens is restricted -- would have the right to match any offer made by another team. So every quiet game that Givens has helps the Patriots in the long-term.

I’d term the idea that Givens’ lack of catches is a ploy by the Patriots to drive down his price patently ridiculous.

The Red Sox continued to rebuild their rotation, officially signing Matt Clement, and also agreeing to a one year deal with former Astro Wade Miller. David Heuschkel notes that Theo Epstein has now taken the 14 million dollars Pedro Martinez would’ve gotten, and turned it into David Wells, Clement and Miller. He notes you could also look at it as that the Red Sox signed Clement and Miller for the same amount that the Yankees got Carl Pavano for, and you can make the case that the Red Sox pair is each as good as Pavano. Gordon Edes and Michael Silverman also each look at the signings and what they mean for the Red Sox. Sean McAdam also has a look at the signing of Miller, and Joe Haggerty has a good piece on Matt Clement. David Borges has a further look at the Red Sox signings and adds the note that the Sox might be interested in reliever Scott Schoeneweis, if for no other reason that he is the cousin of Sox senior advisor Jeremy Kapstein. Dom Amore looks at Pavano officially signing with the Yankees.

Jackie MacMullan looks at Bruins coach Mike Sullivan, who is biding his time during the lockout by coaching his son’s team.

In another BSMW experiment, Jack Travers begins what we hope to be a regular report on the happenings of local sports radio. A sports radio “beat reporter” if you will. His initial installment looks at the Dennis and Callahan show.

As noted last night, postings may be sporadic here over the next few days. There will likely be more “BSMW Classic” items from the past that did not migrate over when the site changed hosts. It’s a mixed bag from columns, to Sports Final transcripts at the height of the Mike Felger vs. Nick Cafardo/Ron Borges feuds.

TNT has Timberwolves/Spurs at 8:00 and Kings/Spurs at 10:30. ESPN has a pair of minor Bowl games tonight with the Plainscapital Fort Worth Bowl of Marshall vs. Cincinnati at 6:30 followed by the Pioneer Purevision Las Vegas Bowl, Wyoming vs. UCLA at 9:45. ESPN2 has college hoops with Richmond/Pitt at 7:00 and Providence/Memphis at 9:00.

BSMW Classic – FSN Media Show 5/26/03

I recently got a new computer at home, and while cleaning out my current one, I’ve come across a number of items that were on BSMW when it was on it’s prior host. These articles and items didn’t make it across to the new server. Since it’s the end of the year, and afternoon and weekend posting may be sporadic over the next couple weeks, I’ve decided to post a few of them here over that time period. This will preserve these articles, and give the site some more content during this slow period.

Fox Sports New England Memorial Day show on the Boston Sports Media with Jim Baker and John Molori 05/26/2003

FSNE with Jim Baker and John Molori joining Greg Dickerson and Gary Tanguay:

(not exact translation, but as close as I could get)

Gary: Welcome everyone, we have been talking about doing this show for some time, it is our pleasure to have these two legendary, esteemed, journalists with us, we cannot suck up enough. John Molori here, and you talk about high maintenance (lists papers Molori

Low Marks

The grades are in from Monday night, and they aren’t pretty. Kevin Mannix hands out a couple of failing marks to the quarterback and cornerbacks and barely passes the special teams. Michael Parente holds back on the “F’s” but does issue three “D’s”. Likewise, Steve Grogan pulls no punches in grading his former team. Tom E Curran has Troy Brown saying that while other teams are getting better as the season goes on, the Patriots are not. Alan Greenberg asserts that this Patriots team is the most vulnerable 27-2 (since September 2003) team you’ll ever see. Nick Cafardo says that Ty Law is the Patriots best hope right now, but they can’t rush him back either. Ian M Clark says that the secondary is the primary concern on this club right now. Lenny Megliola looks at the concern over the Patriots and their need to make a statement on Sunday afternoon against the Jets. George Kimball (subscription only) tells us that the Patriots have been pushing their luck for some time now and it finally caught up with them Monday night. Perhaps it was just what they needed.

Was it Charlie Weis’ fault Monday night? Was he distracted? You knew that question was going to be raised, though I haven’t heard it nearly as much as I thought I would. Ron Borges and Michael Parente say that the loss Monday night was most definitely NOT the fault of the Offensive Coordinator. Rich Thompson says that the Patriots now need to regroup and focus on capturing a first round bye for the playoffs. Mike Reiss says the defense and special teams is what is going to make or break the Patriots. The headline to Chris Kennedy’s column today is pretty self-explanatory. “Brady’s Play Dumb”. Steve Buckley (subscription only) says that all great Boston athletes have to serve their time in the stocks, and now is Brady’s turn to be publicly stoned. He reminds us though, that it’s one bad game for Brady, and that he’ll be back. Scott A Benson hashes out the playoff scenarios for us this week, and Parente’s notebook looks at the hit to their playoff chances the Pats took on Monday night. Jonathan Comey says that only some of the panic surrounding the Patriots right now is valid. Cafardo’s notebook tells us that the special teams will be getting quite a workout from coach Brad Seely this week.

Gerry Callahan (subscription only) says that Theo Epstein is going about this offseason using his head, not his heart and that is a good thing for the Boston Red Sox. He talks about Pedro feeling disrespected by the Red Sox, but points out that he should feel even more so by the Yankees, who didn’t even submit an offer for him and instead went after Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano. At one point he says:

There is a tendency for some Sox fans to think their team is falling behind in this hot stove season, but rarely do Epstein's critics have an answer to this: What was Theo supposed to do?

Hello, Glenn Ordway. Callahan goes on to point out what Theo HAS accomplished this offseason.

We know now that there is nothing reasonable or rational that he could have done to retain the services of Martinez. So he signed veteran David Wells to a contract filled with incentives, and now at least the Sox have a guy who isn't afraid to take the ball on Opening Day in Yankee Stadium. He replaced Derek Lowe, who had an ERA of 5.42 last season, with Matt Clement, who had a 3.68. Lowe gave up 224 hits in 182 innings. Clement allowed just 155 hits in 181 innings. Also, Clement is younger, cheaper and not quite so scarred emotionally.

He adds that they signed Renteria for much less than Nomar was demanding last spring, and made a good offer to Jason Varitek, but since no one out there is competing for his services, why should he raise the offer? I may not always like Callahan’s radio persona, but as a columnist, if he’s not the best in town, he’s in the top three. A little more on Ordway’s “I’m not the GM” rant…one of his claims was the Renteria was no better than Cabrera. The latter got eight million a year from the Angels, while the Sox signed Renteria for 10 a year. Buster Olney was on WEEI this morning with Greg Dickerson and Steve DeOssie. He was asked if Renteria is two million a year better than Cabrera. Olney said he certainly was, he was a much better offensive player, more disciplined at the plate and can hit in any spot in the order save 3-4. Cabrera has holes in his hitting style and is much more of an undisciplined free-swinger. He was surprised that Cabrera even got as much as he did from the Angels. Who am I going to believe on the topic of baseball…Glenn Ordway or Buster Olney? It becomes more and more clear that Ordway is more bluster than Buster. I’ll take Buster, thank you. In addition, if you get a chance to read Olney’s books “The last night of the Yankee dynasty” I would highly recommend it. Good stuff. A lot in there on Schilling as well, as the book focuses on game 7 of the 2001 World Series where Schilling started against Roger Clemens.

Sean McAdam has a look at the Dave Roberts trade. Brian Fleming takes a look at the amazing run that Pedro had while here in Boston. Gordon Edes, Michael Silverman and Dom Amore all look at the Randy Johnson deal falling apart for the Yankees. The opinion of all however, including Olney, is that Johnson will be a Yankee sometime before spring training. Raja Mishra talks to fired Red Sox team Doctor Bill Morgan, who calls his dismissal “not an objective decision”.

Bob Ryan on the Celtics beat? Be still my heart. Ryan and Mark Murphy look at the Celtics getting out worked and beaten by the Shaq-less Miami Heat on the road last night. The Celtics Blog also has a nice account of the game. The Celtics will be without Ricky Davis tonight against the Knicks, as the Celtics swingman got an automatic one game suspension for a “Flagrant 2” call against him on a fast break by Dwayne Wade. A hard foul? Yes, a “Flagrant 2”? I don’t think so. Murphy’s notebook has more on this. Ryan’s informative notebook looks at the Celtics failing to capitalize with Shaq out.

John Molori’s Media Blitz comes out swinging, taking shots at all the Boston media members who have taken cheap shots at Pedro Martinez since his departure from the Red Sox.

FSN has Celtics/Knicks at 7:00. ESPN has the GMAC Bowl with Bowling Green/Memphis at 8:00. ESPN2 has Missouri/Illinois college hoops at 8:00, followed by Grizzlies/Warriors at 10:00.

Reaction to “I’m not the GM”

With all the Patriots talk on the airwaves today, I was pretty surprised at the amount of feedback I’ve gotten regarding the Glenn Ordway “I’m not the GM” item from this morning. Here’s a sampling of the reaction:


I couldn't agree more on Ordway toe'ing both sides of the line, as usual, and covering his fat behind (with regard to the Sox). and his response "I'm not the GM" is pathetic, particularly for a know-it-all who is always patronizing his callers. what gets me the most is when he thinks he knows more about baseball than McAdam, Buckley, or Tony Maz; same deal with football, talking over Deossie and Smerlas.

granted Sheppard, LJ and others are donkeys and they make Ordway look great...but when he's talking to someone, and actually lets them talk, and they're educated, he can get buried. it must be the short, fat man complex. thanks for ripping him openly.


Thanks Bob, it is amazing that someone who clearly pretends to be an expert on all things Boston sports suddenly clams up when asked for a real answer. Next up:

I thought you covered Sports Media? When did EEI talk shows become sports shows? Don't they really belong more in a category with the Herald's gossip page? If the talk knuckleheads on that station know anything about what's really going on in sports in Boston or the US in general, they are being paid pretty well to disguise it.

Unfortunately, many of their listeners are under the impression they're listening to a sports station staffed by informed professionals ... maybe because they seem to get the good interviews. Other than that, they're pretty much Howard Stern.
Keep the Faith:

Jeff – totally my mistake. What was I thinking? Expecting intelligent sports talk from the “sports radio leader”. I’ve learned my lesson here. Ok, who’s next?

Bruce you are right on. I wanted to call in yesterday was busy.

Ordway during the FA period was touting the "Patriot" Philosophy and how this team, had a value for every player and wouldn't overpay and that Epstein had a B & C. Then when he says the B&C he criticizes. Sorry Glenn, either you applaud what they do and accept the end result, you can't say they are smart and then criticize the outcome.

My take, Theo gambled that the big 4 would have career years, knowing he had break this team up somewhat win or lose. Turned out 3 of the 4 had their worst seasons and one (Varitek) had is normal season. So then you are left with the consequence of that decision. Also, Bruce most people in this town only know pro sports, they don't follow college sports or minor league baseball. The Sox, are going to use this year to let their big 3 (Lester, Papelbon & Ramirez) develop at Portland. They should stay in the wildcard through July and then they can put together a package for a star pitcher or they will hold onto those guys if they don't think they can beat the Yanks and take their chances next year.


More good points. Glenn was indeed praising Epstein and the Red Sox for following the “Patriot model” and then yesterday went 180 degrees and trashed them. All in the name of ratings points. Gotta stir up the masses and whip the listeners into a frenzy. Toss around the buzzwords of “failed” whenever possible. The next email is a bit shorter:

Bruce -

In the history of talk radio, in the history of Debate 101, never have I heard such a disgraceful comeback as Ordway's "I'm not the GM."

Thanks for pointing it out today.

For fans, debating sports is a sport unto itself, nothing more than a pastime; there's no room for people who say, "Put up your dukes," only to backpedal when their counterpart obliges.

Take care - Mike

It was pretty pathetic, wasn’t it? After spouting on about all the mistakes made and how it’s a failure of an offseason, when asked what HE would do, all he can muster is “I’m not the GM”? Pathetic. Our next email ties in Ordway’s comments with some others on the airwaves last night (I didn’t see this show, so I can’t verify). If true, it shows the gotta-be-controversal mindset of many of the media members. Eric writes:

Bruce, that's excellent commentary on the Ordway trainwreck yesterday afternoon. I listened for about 10 minutes and then realized why I haven't tuned in to The Big Show on a consistent basis in about a year. We're less than two months removed from a Red Sox World Series victory, the team is arguably better or at least just as good as last year, yet some fans and media members are right back to their "Woe is me, the Red Sox are doomed, the Yankees are unbeatable" mantra. It's embarrasing. Guess the World Series victory hasn't changed much of anything.

Speaking of trainwrecks, did you happen to catch Bob Rogers on Fox Sports Net New England last night? He was trying so hard to desperately say "edgy" things,
but came off looking like a total moron. Among his highlights:

- David Wells will be a complete bust with Boston, with no real basis to back up that opinion

- He mentioned over and over again how he wonders why Steinbrenner doesn't get involved in signing Varitek, failing to mention what the Yankees would do with Posada

- He also had a few other real dumb comments, but the higlight was that he mentioned that Billy Beane traded Mulder and Hudson because "He was sick of hearing how he was nothing as a General Manager without The Big Three." After that comment, John Tomase let it slide for a minute but then shot that stupid comment down.

Rogers must be saying to himself, "Hey, these dumb comments work for Ordway and Co. Maybe I'll give them a try!"

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Our final email of the afternoon reminds us that there is another option for those out there who can actually get it on their radio or computer:

I check out your site everyday and I enjoy your content. I just have one issue, you give us links to just about every newspaper in the country that writes something about any of our teams, but you only talk about one radio station. I realize you can only listen to one live radio station at a time, but you attacked Glen Ordway, and rightfully so, yet never mentioned 1510 The Zone. I know the station is small, but their afternoon drive show is as informative and normally better than Ordway and his cast of morons. You could have been listening to the Diehards interview with Terry Francona on Friday or quality Red Sox, Patriot and a little Celtic talk on Monday.

Just do not forget the little guy on the other end of the dial. They have quality shows as well.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


I actually tried to turn over to 1510 during this segment, but I couldn’t get them in up here in NH. It’s a common problem for many fans looking for some other than WEEI. One option if you’re somewhat close to Nashua is ESPN 900, which has a local sports show weekdays between 5-6.

That’s the highlights from today’s email bag.